Airistech Herbva Viva Kit


IMPORTANT: Due to supply shortages, this item has a temporary max limit of 2 units per order.

Airistech Herbva Viva Kit is a dry herb vaporizer with a portable size. With 2200mAh battery capacity, it can provide you with a long time vaping. It is easy to operate with a HD OLED display. With a temperature range from 300-435°F, you can change the temperature by +/- button. And it takes only 20-30s to reach your desired temperature. The ceramic heating chamber is healthier and provides you with pure flavor.


Herbva Viva Kit Packing Contents:
1- Cleaning Brush
1- Kit Carrying Case w/ Tie & Herbva Logo
1- Packing Tool
1- Revised User Manual
1- USB Charging Cable
1* Extra Durable Mouthpiece


 Capacity & Output :2200mAh Battery - 4V
Temperature Range :300°F-435°F.
Lock/Unlock :Press 5 times consecutively
Continuous Work Time: 60 minutes (Device is fully charged)
Safety Power Off :Duration 5 Minutes 
Battery Low :The Blue Light Icon Display Flashes Rapidly 20 Times

 Using: Turning on/off: Press the Power button 5 times rapidly within 3 seconds to turn on the device.
A flashing blue light will appear indicating that your device is heating up, when the light turns solid, (And Heat on LED changes to Warm) you are ready to operate.
Press the button 5 times again to turn device off.
135 temperature settings: 300°F to 435°F
The temperature will increase/decrease 1 degree each time +/- button is pressed.
Safety power duration: After 5 minutes, of non use, the device will automatically power down.
Simply press the button 5 times in sequence to re-activate the device!

 Please read the user manual carefully before using this device


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