Goon RDA By 528 Custom Vapes (Original)

Stainless Steel

The GOON RDA by the makers of the very popular Monster RTA makes building easy for new and experienced users. This RDA features a innovative bridge styled build deck where almost any sized build can fit with ease. The large 24mm diameter allows for huge builds and a deep juice well preventing leaks. The positive and negative posts are gold plated and features PEEK insulators for great conductivity and insulation. The size of the post holes inside the "Bridge Clamp" design are unmatched in the industry allowing for many different and varied builds. This design features a flat surface with another bridge on top of the surface. You can simply put your built coil on the surface and screw down the upper bridge onto the surface, making a connection! The GOON RDA features three metallicFogmart colors including Copper, Brass and Stainless to match flawlessly with your devices.

Product Features:
● 24mm
● Half inch drip tip
● Standard 510 connection
● Copper screw
● Gold plated bridge post
● Gold plated steel clamps
● Hybrid safe
● Peek insulators
● Positive and Negative bridges are easily replaceable

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