Airistech Turboo Car Key Vaporizer

The Airistech Turboo is an innovative and well-made cartridge battery device disguised to look like your average everyday car key fob from newer models

It replaces where the key would normally go with a versatile 510 connection that will accept some of the largest cartridges on the market including those up to 11.2mm in diameter.

Your cartridge is housed inside the Turboo's body for protection on the go. When the time calls press the top button and your cartridge springs out of the body and is ready for use immediately.

The bottom functioning button on Airis's Turboo activates and controls the internal 450mAh lithium-ion battery. Press it rapidly five times to power the Turboo on or lock it for safe travel.

While it is on you can quickly press the button three times to adjust your voltage settings. Airistech incorporates three power options to cover the needs for a wide range of concentrates. (3.4V, 3.7V, 4.2V).

Two rapid clicks activates it's innovative preheat mode. This will use a low (1.8V) output to slightly warm your cartridge and clear and potential clogs. It can heat your cartridge for up to 15 seconds at a time and cancel at any time with one more press.

Whatever you are doing with the Turboo you can monitor your use with the LED power light indicator surrounding it's power button. Whether you are adjusting your output levels, preheating cartridges or recharging your battery you can watch and gather just the information you need using this one light.
Features & Specs:
  • Ultra Discreet Key Fob Cartridge Battery
  • 100% Authentic Airistech Brand Product
  • Compact Pocket Size for Easy Travel
  • Dimensions: 91mm 45mm 19.5mm
  • 510 Thread Connection
  • Supports Cartridges Up to 11.2mm in Diameter
  • Advanced Variable Output Control / 3 Settings (3.4V, 3.7V, 4.2V)
  • LED Power Light Indicator (3.4V Green, 3.7V Blue, 4.2V Red)
  • Innovative 15 Second Preheat Mode (Changing LED)
  • Easy One Button Operation
  • Click 5X to Power ON/OFF
  • Click 3X to Change Voltage Settings
  • Clicks 2X to Activate Preheat Mode (1 Click Cancels)
  • Premium Lithium-ion Battery with 450mAh Capacity
  • Convenient USB Charging Method (LED Red while charging, Off when charged)
  • Quality Key Chain Lanyard Rope Attachment Included
Package Included:
  • 1 x Turboo 450mAh Key Fob Cartridge Battery
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Keychain Attachment

The Turboo Key Fob Cartridge Battery also comes with a premium lanyard attachment that can connect to your keychain so you will always have it by your side everywhere you go. Invest in yours today and enjoy discreet sessions anywhere without anyone knowing!

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Please note the 510 essential oil cartridge pictured is not included.
Please read the user manual carefully before using this device