Bagua Sigelei (clone) Mechanical Mod

Bagua (cloned) 18650 is a fully mechanical E-Cigarette Mod. It comprises of a battery and a spring-loaded lower push button. Its design is extremely robust due to the fact that it does not use any wires or circuit board. Extremely sleek, it consist of all brass conductors that gives it a very neat and elegant look.

Bagua Mechanical Mods require a protected lithium ion or IMR safe chemistry battery.

These Mods do not have a PCB inside to fail they are completely mechanical.

Do NOT stack batteries in these mods and do NOT use unprotected batteries.

The user accepts liability for the use of Mechanical Mod, as the manufacturer and the distributor cannot ensure the Mod is used correctly, they cannot be held liable for damages caused to persons or property.

This is NOT a kit, you only get 1x Mechanical Mod Body (18650).

Requires 18650 Battery, some can be found here.

Best results with this battery.

### Compatible with all 510 Connection Clearomizers NOT compatible with eGo Threading Clearomizers ###

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