EHPro Panzer (Clone) Mechanical Mod

As the name suggests, this mechanical mod is built like a tank. The walls are thick and the button is recessed for a solid and durable feel. The Panzer comes with 3 tubes assembled for 18650 batteries, but by removing 1 or two of the tubes it can accept 18500 and 18350 batteries. This mod also features pure copper contacts and a floating positive pin. Because The Panzer is not telescopic, there is a screw adjustment on the bottom side of the top cap so that you can adjust for any battery and ensure the mod fits together snugly while still looking great! Although the bottom switch is recessed into the mod and can't fire under it's own weight, there is still a reverse-threaded locking ring for added safety. Overall, The Panzer is a beefy mod with a solid feel, excellent craftsmanship, low voltage drop, and simple operation. This is one of the best mods yet from EHPro!

These Mods do not have a PCB inside to fail they are completely mechanical.

Do NOT stack batteries in these mods and do NOT use unprotected batteries.

The user accepts liability for the use of Mechanical Mod, as the manufacturer and the distributor cannot ensure the Mod is used correctly, they cannot be held liable for damages caused to persons or property.

Requires battery, some can be found here.

### Compatible with all 510 Connection Clearomizers NOT compatible with eGo Threading Clearomizers ###

Category: MOD

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