Coolnic Salts FAQ

We want to help you understand if Coolnic Salts is for you. Below are just some of the most common questions about Nicotine Salts (or Salt Nicotine), the active ingredient in COOLNIC salts. For any and all questions, come in to any of our locations and our expert staff can help you.


1.   Q: Is COOLNIC SALTS the same as salt nicotine?

A: COOLNIC SALTS is our premium, extra-strength salt nicotine product. It should only be used with low-powered vape devices. Using COOLNIC SALTS with high powered devices is not advised as it may contribute to over-consumption of nicotine. 


2.   Q: What is Salt Nicotine?

A: Salt nicotine (i.e. nicotine salt, salt nic, or nic salt) is a form of natural nicotine modified with benzoic acid to make it more bioavailable. In other words, the nicotine salt from tobacco leaves is changed to be more easily absorbed in our bodies.


3.   Q: What is in your standard EJUICE line?

A: Our standard EJUICE line is made with freebase nicotine, a lab-made nicotine that is more acidic, but provides a more satisfying effect at lower nicotine levels.


4.   Q: I’ve heard the terms, salt nicotine, nicotine salts, saltnic, andnic salt. Are these all the same thing?

A: They are different names for the same thing. We call ours COOLNIC SALTS because it’s different. It’s handcrafted to your specifications and comes in all our fresh flavours.  


5.   Q: Is COOLNIC SALTS for me?

A: It depends. For heavy smokers who can’t transition away from smoking with standard e-juice, COOLNIC SALTS may be a better alternative. COOLNIC SALTS more closely replicates the sensation of smoking a cigarette and is less harsh at higher nicotine levels.

For some heavy smokers who need an extra-strength product, COOLNIC SALTS might be an appropriate option to start, but more caution is required. COOLNIC SALTS can lead to higher consumption levels and more unwanted adverse effects.

Despite these drawbacks, COOLNIC SALTS can be a more effective alternative to smoking for some. We recommend all smokers try to decrease the quantity of nicotine they consume over time, whether they start with our standard EJUICE or COOLNIC SALTS.


6.   Q: Should I use your standard EJUICE instead?

A: We believe our standard EJUICE is a friendlier alternative, but we want you to vape on your terms. We stand behind COOLNIC SALTS and believe it is a fitting alternative for some.

Like all our juice products, COOLNIC SALTS is made with pure pharmaceutical grade ingredients, is handcrafted to your exact specifications, and comes in all the same fresh flavours as our standard EJUICE.


7.   Q: Can I use it in my standard device?

A: No. As with all nicotine salt products, only low-wattage (low-powered) devices can be used to vape COOLNIC SALTS.

Using a high-wattage device is dangerous and can lead to adverse effects, including dehydration, dizziness, increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure, among other side effects of nicotine overconsumption.

CoolVape customers will likely need to purchase a new device. Please ask our staff for help if you have any questions to ensure you are using an appropriate device.


8.   Q: Is COOLNIC SALTS addictive?

A: All forms of nicotine is addictive. COOLNIC SALTS can have higher quantities of nicotine than our standard EJUICE, which when could lead to addiction.