Terms & Conditions

Please note, all our disposables are final sale.

CoolVape Warranty Policy

CoolVape is committed to providing you products that work as expected. To better align with consumer expectations and today's retail environment, CoolVape is pleased to offer a 30 Day Warranty period for all of our Mods (any hardware with internal electronic components except Herbal Devices/Hardware). Original Purchase Receipt and all Original Packaging is required, no exceptions.

The 30 Day Warranty period also applies to returns, provided that the original package is unopened (e.g. a gift purchase but the recipient prefers something else).  Please make note of this important distinction - returns will not be accepted for opened packages unless there is a defect. Original Purchase Receipt is required, no exceptions.

CoolVape Retail Store Purchases:

For warranty related questions on products purchased in a CoolVape retail store, you must return to the location where you made your purchase within 30 days along with the device, your original proof of purchase receipt, and all packaging so a CoolVape representative can assess your device and the nature of the issue.  If our CoolVape representative determines your device to in fact be defective, we will happily replace it with a new similar model and/or issue a store credit at our discretion. Please note these very important conditions:

  • Products cannot have any physical damage (scratches, dents, or other visible physical anomalies).
  • Herbal Devices/Hardware are final sale.

CoolVape Online Purchases:

For warranty related questions on products purchased online, a claim must be submitted via email to Admin@CoolVape.ca. The hardware must be shipped back to us at your expense, and the return shipping date (the date you ship back the hardware) must be within the warranty period. After the returned product is assessed by our technical department, we will contact you with details for the replacement shipment. Shipping costs will only be refunded if the hardware is defective and under warranty. However, if the item(s) is determined to not meet the criteria as a defective product, we will ship it back to you at your expense (or with your next order) and there will not be reimbursement for any shipping costs. Please troubleshoot your hardware as best you can before returning the unit.  Please note these very important conditions:

  • Products cannot have any physical damage (scratches, dents, or other visible physical anomalies).
  • Products that are sent back to us without prior confirmation from CoolVape support will not be processed.
  • Herbal Devices/Hardware are final sale.

What is NOT covered:

  • Disposables
  • Pre-filled Pods
  • Consumable items (eJuice, replacement coils, pods, batteries)
  • Herbal Devices/Hardware
  • Accessories
  • Clearomizers
  • Mechanical Mods
  • Rebuildables
  • Damaged devices (improper usage, water damage, drops, abuse, wear and tear)
  • Cosmetic issues
  • Tank leaks, dry hits or shorted coils
  • Modified products
  • Software issues
  • Using improperly or damaged battery in device
  • Clearance or discontinued items

What IS covered:

  • All of our Mods, hardware with internal electronic components (except Herbal Devices/Hardware)
  • Dead On Arrival (not turning on or functioning)
  • Chip issues (auto‐firing, not recognizing any atomizers, and other electronic issues)
  • Manufacturing defects on internal electronic components

All of this comes down to your electronic device being defective.  Basically, if you received a lemon, we'll have no issues switching it out for you.

But if your device has any visible damage or signs of improper usage, we won't be able to offer a replacement. This is because none of our suppliers will accept returns on visibly damaged or misused items. To avoid potential issues, please inspect your device and test it as soon as you receive it.

We are unable to test Herbal Devices/Hardware, and therefore these are final sale.

“Missing”, “Doesn’t fit”, or "Physically broken" Grace Period

CoolVape also offers a 48-Hour grace period for missing items, items that do not fit properly, or items that are physically broken.  While this is rare, typically these can be items that would have been included in the original package such as a (missing) rubber ring, a loose drip tip, or a clearomizer that doesn’t screw on properly.  If your purchase includes parts that fall into this grace period, then bring your original proof of purchase receipt and all packaging back to the location of purchase within 48 hours.  An identical replacement model (or one of equal value if stock is unavailable) will be provided.

For online purchases, please submit a claim via email to Admin@CoolVape.ca within 48 hours of receiving your order.

Order Editing and Cancellation

Please verify that your order is complete and correct before submitting the order. Due to our time constraint and goal to provide extremely fast order processing for immediate pick-up/shipping, we cannot edit orders once they have been submitted. This is to ensure that our customers receive their orders as quickly as possible.

If you'd like to add to your order, simply submit another order and let us know to combine the orders. Orders that have already been package for shipping cannot be added to.

Incorrect Orders

If your order is received and contains incorrect items or is missing items, then you must notify us within 24 hours of receipt of the package.  We will certainly fix any mistakes that we have made, but we must be notified in a timely manner.

Scheduled Pick-ups

Coolvape reserve the right to refuse future service to anyone that has schedule a pick-up with us, but does not show up and fail to notify us before the schedule pick-up time.



All orders older than 48 hours that have not been scheduled or paid for will automatically be cancelled by our eCommerce system.