SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Replacement Coil



Replacement coil for the Smok SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast Tank

V12-Q4 Specifications:
Quad Coil Design
0.15Ω (60W - 190W), recommended 90-160W

V12-X4 Specifications:
Quad Coil Design
0.15Ω (60W - 220W), recommended 100-170W

V12-T6 Specifications:
Sextuple Coil Design
0.16Ω (90W - 320W), recommended 120-180W

V12-T12 Specifications:
Duodenary/Twelve Coil Design
0.16Ω (60W - 350W), recommended 130-200W

Pack of 3, not sold individually.

Smok FTV12 Cloud Beast King Tanks can be found here.

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