Yocan Evolve Plus and XL Pen Vaporizer for Concentrates - Cap for Coil

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The Yocan Evolve Plus and XL Coil Caps are designed to prevent your concentrate from leaking out when it’s hot and viscus. They also reduce the frequency at which you’ll need to clean your atomizer, by keeping most of the concentrate inside the coil chamber, instead of bubbling out. The cap is also designed with a tiny airflow hole. This hole helps to maintain the full flavor of you concentrate, while at the same time creating thicker more potent clouds of vapor.

Cleaning instructions:

After consistent usage, you will notice some concentrate residue. We recommend cleaning it off with an alcohol solution. I personally have used a dab of vodka or gin on some paper towel, and find it works great for a cheap and easy solution.


  • 1 cap only

(Please note the coils are sold separately)

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