Prepare to be captivated by the stunning design of the SMOK PRO POD KIT [CRC]. This top-of-the-line device boasts expressive styling that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Choose from a variety of seven exquisite colors, each crafted to showcase your individual sense of style and elegance.

Equipped with a powerful 800mAh battery, the SMOK PRO POD KIT [CRC] delivers up to 22 watts of power, making it a reliable daily companion for all of your vaping needs. Its SMOK NOVO 2X REPLACEMENT POD [CRC]-MESHED 0.8 OHM produces a delicate flavor and smooth vapor, perfect for those who prefer MTL vaping.

Innovation is at the forefront of the SMOK PRO POD KIT [CRC], and it shows in every aspect of its design. This device is a true testament to how far vaping technology has come, and it will undoubtedly change the way you experience vaping.

Experience a luxurious touch with the all-new SMOK PRO POD KIT [CRC], the perfect way to reflect your unique personality. As vaping continues to evolve, the SMOK PRO POD KIT [CRC] will keep you at the forefront of this exciting industry.



  • SMOK NOVO 2X REPLACEMENT POD [CRC] features a top-fill design for convenient refilling and a visible window to easily monitor e-liquid levels
  • Compatible with  Novo X2 pods for versatile usage options
  • Can be triggered by either a button or by drawing on the device, offering flexible operation to suit individual preferences
  • Unique design featuring a combination of two textures, sandblasting oxidation and silicone gel, providing both visual appeal and comfortable grip.


  • Compact size of 111 x 21 x 12 mm for easy portability and discreet vaping
  • Supports a wide resistance range from 0.8ohm to 2.5ohm, allowing for customization of vaping experience
  • Lightweight design at only 35gr, making it comfortable to hold and use for extended periods of time
  • Features a reliable battery with a capacity of 650mAh, providing ample power for prolonged vaping sessions
  • Output voltage of 3.6V ensures consistent and satisfying vapor production.

Package Includes:

  • SMOK PRO POD KIT [CRC] Device (800mAh) - 1 unit
  • Smok Novo 2X pod 0.8ohm 2x
  • User Manual - 1 piece
  • Type-C Cable - 1 piece

Novo X2 Replacement Pods can be found here. 

Please read the user manual carefully before using this device


Ocean Green
Stone Green